Slam Lock

slam lock 125x125Chambrelan Slam Lock

Another new product from Chambrelan UK, the Slam Lock, has been launched in line with a number of high profile product developments also currently being released. This latest product development aims at delivering an entire draw solution to clients, by finally being able to offer the Heavy Duty slides, the Slide and Tilt and now the Slam Lock all from one manufacturer and supplier.

Chambrelans core product range has always and will always be heavy duty sliding systems, but after listening to our customers we realised that demand existed for an alternative bundle of draw and vehicle stowage components.

The Slam Lock, which has been designed specifically to offer a more user friendly assembly, that doesn’t require the drilling of holes or countersinking by hand, but does in fact ‘clip’ together neatly and quickly without compromising on the functionality of the product.

In terms of functionality this Slam Lock delivers the same high standard of locking security as existing products, the only difference being that the assembly of the locks system is now simplicity itself, saving time and money on a busy shop floor.

Available in two colours, black and yellow, the slam lock mechanism integrates perfectly with Chambrelan's telescopic slides and our the Slide and Tilt Drawer System. The locking bars and springs are produced from stainless steel, whilst other injection molded components are both highly durable and resistant to corrosion, meaning a longer life span. All materials used in our Slam Lock have been specially sourced and selected for their superior strength and quality.

Plastics - By working with our plastic supply chain we have secured the most suitable plastics in the market today. All plastics are from 'A' Grade stocks and are fully recyclable.

Metal - Where ever possible we will only use stainless steel, this includes all fasteners.

Handle - We have used one of the highest automotive coatings. The aluminium handle is coated in a black Electrochemical Deposition Coating (EDC) and has passed the 310 hour salt spray test perfectly.

Lock In Lock Out - Lilo system.

It’s very easy to install and fits into our Slam Lock seamlessly and can be used in conjunction with telescopic slides to provide a functional, positive and secure lock in and out operation.

The Lilo kit consists of a new front button with a captive M8 nylock, a new internal button with a captive M8 nylock and 4 Lock Blocks.