Slide and Tilt Drawer Systems

slide and tilt drawer 125x125Chambrelan Slide and Tilt Drawer Systems

This Slide and Tilt system has been developed for drawer applications situated in higher stowage positions that require average type load capacities, low operating forces and ease of operation.

Chambrelan have based the design of this product on our new E53 linear rail fitted with a G53 carrier. Produced from steel reinforced polyamide parts and recirculating ball bearings this system offers a proven high quality performance. The E53 rails are fitted with adjustable stops while the G53 carriers are equipped with aluminium pivots and shock absorbing wipers that ensure a smooth low friction movement even in the most testing of applications.

The glass reinforced P6 nylon front brackets offer superior load support and drawer guidance together with an increased range of positional adjustability to drawer front lock housing to reduce fitting time.

The lock housings on our system are specifically designed to accommodate drawer fronts fitted with slam lock locking rods of up to 10.00 mm. The slam lock systems are not supplied as part of the system. This product offers adjustable extension, tipping point and final angle of presentation which is simply done by adjusting the guide rails and stop positions.

Developed to offer an improved slide and tilt system which allows easy access to items or equipment stored on high shelves and drawers with considerably reduced OH&S risk to the user. The system has a load carrying capacity of 70 KG (including drawer) and can withstand extended vibration without damage.

With a secure lock-home mechanism, and making use of high strength GRP front brackets and aluminium rail the tip down achieves an ideal combination
of features:

  • High Load capacity
  • Smooth tip-down action with limited momentum
  • Rugged low-weight components
  • User adjustable on installation – different drawer movements
  • Standard components irrespective of drawer width
  • Slam shut locking mechanism with optional gloved-hand-safe operating handle
  • Strong end-stops
  • Available in different colours including high-viz components