Telescopic Slide Solutions

telescopic slide 125x125

The Chambrelan Range

CHAMBRELAN are leading manufacturers of heavy Duty telescopic slides and offers a broad range of products specifically designed for industrial applications.

More than 30 types of slides are available manufactured in steel, aluminium and stainless steel which have load capacity’s from a few kilos to more than 1000 KGs.

All CHAMBRELAN slides come with a surface treatment for increased protection against corrosion. The standard treatment, i.e. zinc plating for steel slides and colourless anodization for aluminium versions, suits most uses.

Reduced maintenance

CHAMBRELAN slides have been designed to operate with a minimum maintenance in the most challenging of environments.

Easy to install

You can find within the Chambrelan catalogue comprehensive data to allow a good and simple installation: load capacity, length, drilling scheme ... Moreover, on the website, you can find our product, including 3D, in every standard CAD format.

Partial extension Total extension Over extension
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A slide with 2 beams that offers a partial extension, a portion of the moving beam has to remain within the fixed beam.


A slide with 3 beams that offers a total extension, the additional intermediate beam increases the possible extension.


A slide with 4 beams that offers an over- extension (150% or more of closed length) thanks to the 2 intermediate beams.

A large choice of extensions

Our range of slides is composed of 3 large families of slides with either 2 (partial extension telescopic slide), 3 (full extension telescopic slide) or 4 beams (over extension telescopic slide).


Chambrelan heavy duty telescopic ball bearing slides and are used throughout the world in a wide range of technical and industrial markets, some of these are:
Specialty Vehicles: Fire and emergency services vehicles, industrial truck bodies, farm machinery, utility vehicles, delivery and industrial service vehicles.
Aviation, Marine and Military markets: Specialty vehicles, equipment access and storage, accessories and fitting out.
Railway and Transportation: Automated equipment / doors, maintenance vehicles and equipment, battery boxes and access equipment.
Industrial and Mechanical engineering: Linear motion solutions, material handling, production tooling and access equipment.
Electronic / data / Banking: Monitors, racks, bays and cash dispensers.