SEI Ignition Systems SEI Ignition Systems

premo footer2 125x125Established in 1978, SEI Industries Ltd. is an ISO:9001:2008 certified Canadian manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of innovative industrial fabric solutions for fire fighting and remote site fuel and water storage. SEI Industries Ltd also manufactures the Premo PSD machines and Premo balls which available to our customers with Service Centres in the USA, Australia and Canada. offers the Premo Fire Ignition product line.

The SEI Premofire aerial ignition dispenser systems (MK111 Plastic sphere dispenser) together with the Premofire spheres is the world's most popular aerial ignition system and provides a safe and reliable ignition source for prescribed burning operations for forestry, parks and fire fighting services.

SEI is proud to offer the fire management community ‘one-stop-shopping’ with this complete line of aerial and ground fire ignition products.