Green Dragon

green dragon

Revolutionary new ground launcher for use in controlled burns

About the Green Dragon™

The Green Dragon is an automated ground launcher designed and engineered for use in wildfire and land management applications such as back burns or prescribed burning. Its design represents a brand new concept for ground ignition applications using CO2 or compressed air as a propellant and a simple electrically-driven reciprocating feed and firing system. The Green Dragon can be successfully mounted on several ground-based platforms including trucks, boats, ATVs and UTVs.

The Green Dragon allows operators to control both the range and speed delivery of Dragon Eggs , offering variable firing speeds capable of delivering up to 40 Dragon Eggs per minute. The machine mounts can be adjusted for both azimuth and elevation, allowing the operator to shoot spheres up to 225 feet (70 metres) in a 180° radius.

Portable, Easy to Use, Safe

Fire ignition operators no longer need to walk into difficult terrain with a drip torch, exposing them to the potential risk of entrapment. Utilizing the same Dragon Egg ignition spheres as the helicopter-deployed Red Dragon and the Pyroshot hand launcher, the Green Dragon allows operators to launch fire ignition spheres from roads, trails, control lines and other established safety zones. 

Successful beta-test field trials were conducted in the USA, Canada and Australia in 2009/10 with several agencies evaluating the performance of the Green Dragon. This valuable feedback resulted in modifications and improvements towards the final product. Demand for the Green Dragon has been significant to date and early orders were received when the first production began in August 2010. 

Today, the Green Dragon represents one of the newest technological tools for the controlled and prescribed burning community.