Red Dragon

red dragon

Put a Dragon to work on your next burn

About the Red Dragon™

The Red Dragon is a helicopter-mounted device that is used to dispense aerial spheres that ignite controlled or prescribed burns. The primary function of the Red Dragon dispenser is to inject a measured amount of ethylene glycol into Dragon Eggs (which initiates a timed exothermic reaction). The dispenser then expels the primed spheres from the aircraft.

Red Dragon Features

The low-maintenance Red Dragon combines unsurpassed reliability with peak performance. With its larger capacity hopper, the productivity of this machine remains unmatched by any other approved Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD). Features such as its quick purge and lightweight design also give the Red Dragon unquestionable safety.

The Red Dragon is controlled using a hand-held remote which allows the operator to select various dispensing speeds. This level of control represents a significant advancement over the past where the helicopter would have to change speed to achieve the same result. In addition, this rate control enables the dispersal of Dragon Eggs, in perfect concentration levels, to match the terrain below.

The Red Dragon dispenser provides a number of unique advantages over older systems including:

  • Seven different drop rates that can be instantly selected by turning a dial. (Older systems only offered four speeds and were prone to jamming when changing speeds).
  • Micro-processor controlled motor and feed gates that eliminate sphere jamming via automatic jam detection and clearing. (For anyone who has used an older system, this feature couldn't have come soon enough).
  • Fixed-displacement pumps that deliver the same amount of chemical, no matter what speed is selected. (With the old method, some spheres got too much or too little glycol depending on the motor speed).
  • A safety system that utilizes a back-up battery to ensure on-board fire protection at all times.
  • Variable dispense rate from 25-175 eggs per minute.
  • Quick purge system for maximum safety.
  • Maintenance free for easier operation.
  • Smaller size frees up more room inside aircraft.
  • Increased hopper capacity provides enhanced performance.
  • Variable speed settings which can be changed on the fly.
  • No need to adjust glycol levels.

Additional convenience features include a re-settable sphere counter, a larger capacity hopper, easy to use drain valves, a user-friendly tethered remote control and a removable base to provide easy installation in various helicopter configurations.

Patent: CA 2679269 and US 8776693